Online board management tools provide a wide range of features that support and enhance effective governance. These include automated board meetings, document storage and tracking, and more. These tools can help businesses streamline communication and collaboration with stakeholders, while maintaining high security standards.

The most effective board portals make it easy for their members to collaborate each other and work on documents prior to and during meetings. This ensures that all information is current. Additionally, the capability to highlight and annotate key points in a document can increase efficiency and collaboration during virtual meetings. Moreover, modern board software lets attendees take notes during meetings, which can be included in minutes of meetings for later use.

Meeting agendas and other documents can be designed and distributed with a few clicks, which helps save time and energy during the planning process. Meeting minutes are more accurate when they are created using a board management system. This is because editing in real-time and controlling version are easy.

Board members are busy and have plenty to do. They must be able to communicate easily on any device, no matter where they are. Choose a board administration tool that offers mobile apps that work on any device and convenient virtual meeting integrations, as well as an intuitive dashboard when you log in with clear calendar views of scheduled meetings, action items and important news updates.

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