She finished regarding a esteemed college in the usa,? already looking for MBA inside healthcare administration while working at home

AAA Bodu/?Govi elite moms and dads staying in the united states seeking a knowledgeable,? compassionate child residing in United states or Canada for their d,? 5′. She actually is kind-hearted and you may respects Sinahalese Buddhist beliefs. One recommendations provided will stay confidential. Email: p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l?.?2?4?2?3??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m? B206543

Vast performs visibility in the cargo forwarding community. This lady has finished their own Master’s in operation government. Prepared to move around in when the the ideal mate is found. Be sure to react with relatives facts so you can: b?r?i?d?e?s?u?b?a?m?a?n?g?a?l?a??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m? B206511

Academically and you may expertly accredited son from a genuine relatives is actually sought because of the Sinhala Buddhist company moms and dads for their kind-hearted really reasonable and you will quite top 5’3” child produced for the March 1992

Academically and you may professionally qualified Buddhist NS/?TT young man regarding reputable family relations are needed from the B/?Grams company moms and dads from Colombo because of their 1995 produced 5’2” fair and you can very child knowledgeable regarding Visakha Vidyalaya Colombo She obtained BSc calculating education when you look at the Sri Lanka,? already studying having Masters Education inside in australia,? only sibling try an electric Engineer ily facts,? horoscope and contact count. Gmail – p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l?s?.?g?g?r?r??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m? B206607

Academically and you may expertly accredited compassionate and you will really-mannered son desired by the Buddhist parents for their daughter which accomplished her highest education (MBA) and you can stays in Sydney,? Australian continent working in the organization market since the a management Movie director. This woman is 5’4”,? created in the 1995 and you can examined within the a respected school within the Galle. Just cousin are a beneficial Lecturer. Please email address into son’s and friends details for the next email address: p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l?f?d?g?2?0?2?2??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m B206796

Academically and you may skillfully certified compassionate son try needed of the recognized Grams/?B moms and dads because of their quite,? thin daughter 1988,? 5’4” specialized Doctor worked/?accredited from inside the United kingdom,? lifted with Buddhist,? Sinhala thinking. Excite react with horoscope,? loved ones info,? phone number : Email address : a?r?a?l?i?m?a?n?g?a?l?a??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m? B206814

Academically and you may expertly certified compassionate young buck desired by BG respectable parents out of Colombo suburbs because of their 86/?11 produced 5’5” significant,? thin,? very daughter. This woman is an effective BSc.,? MSc. licensed,? well-working Cyber Defense Engineer. 0112509815,? Email address : p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l?1?1?8?6??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m? B206705

This lady has wanted to disperse often so you can European countries or Australia once wedding. Alot more taste will be provided in order to people that happen to be citizens away from overseas otherwise have a propose to move. 0334344422. k?u?l?a?g?e?y?a?p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m? B206757

AA: A caring and you can complete young buck are sought because of the Grams/?B parents when you look at the Colombo because of their 30-year-dated child,? 5’3” extreme,? really gorgeous

Academically and professionally certified companion try found from the B/?K mothers due to their daughter 1992 created 5’3” MBBS Dily info and make contact with amounts. m?a?r?r?i?a?g?e?2?2?8?9??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m? B206760

She examined in the best all over the world school as much as A stages. She’s done a degree in operation Management also a beneficial Master’s in operation Management from reputed colleges and you can connected with the household team,? please react which have relatives facts and horoscope so you can : h?o?r?o?s?c?o?p?e?4?3?2??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m? B206208

Academically and professionally qualified young buck try tried from the B/?Grams parents albanian women in usa living in Dubai because of their very child,? twenty five years 5’4”,? reasonable and you can slim finished out of College or university regarding London BSc (Hons) when you look at the Bookkeeping and Finance. She’s doing work in the newest Financial sector into the Dubai. Sri Lankans located in to another country are also allowed. c?o?n?t?a?c?t?.?a?d?d?r?e?s?s?9?0??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m? 033-2227777,? 076-4796441. B206748

Academically and you can expertly qualified son is looked for because of the reputable Grams/?B parents for the Western Province for their child produced during the 1987,? 5′-0” thin fairly and charming. Experienced regarding the U.S.A.,? the woman is currently doing higher knowledge from inside the Canada. Excite react which have full members of the family details and you will horoscope. So you can Email address : s?m?p?r?o?p?1?7??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m? B206598

Academically and professionally accredited son try needed because of the S/?B/?K (Status immaterial) Doctor mothers for their 34 many years 5’2” quite wise more successful Attorney-at-Law (LLB,? LLM) child based in Colombo whom inherits home inside Colombo or any other assets. Merely brother is actually a health care professional. Please react with horoscope essentially because of the Email. m?a?t?r?i?d?u?w?a??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m? B206714

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