Privacy of data is important since it gives individuals control over their personal data. The public wants to know who has access their sensitive data, and they want to be in a position to correct any incorrect or incomplete information. Companies should be transparent in how they collect and process data. They should tell people what they intend to do with their data, and inform them if these plans change. The public also expects companies to safeguard personal information against hackers and other malicious actions.

Privacy of data is crucial for a number of reasons including establishing trust, ensuring compliance with regulations, ensuring ethical practices as well as driving innovation and maintaining individual autonomy. Companies that are aware of privacy issues are more trustworthy and they develop and maintain relationships with their customers over time. They can also avoid costly fines that can damage their reputation or impact their business over time.

Imagine the contents of a secret diary: You wouldn’t hand it over to anyone and not even your closest friend. Data is just as personal and is an essential aspect of modern-day life, but the way we treat it should be carefully considered and controlled.

Privacy is a factor is essential to consider when designing systems, products and services. It is a fundamental right and it should be considered in the design process and extended throughout the lifecycle of data. The goal is to avoid as many trade-offs possible between security and privacy and to create the «win-win» situation.

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