Virtual meeting software can provide tools for collaboration and communication including video conference, instant messaging screen sharing, and more. Remote workers can collaborate on projects as if they were the same room. Some virtual meeting software lets participants to join meetings via mobile devices. The ability to host and attend meetings without needing to be in the same physical location can help businesses overcome challenges caused by scheduling conflicts and travel issues or office closings. Additionally, fewer trips can lead to reduced carbon emissions.

There are best practices to follow when conducting virtual meetings. These best practices can help ensure that meetings are productive and effective.

Give a summary of the meeting – Make sure to set aside time at the end of your meeting for a thorough summary. This will allow participants to review and remember important points of the meeting. This will also demonstrate to attendees that you value their time and conduct meetings that are well-organized.

Create a custom dashboard for meetings Create a dashboard with widgets that display important meeting metrics, such as participant engagement, meeting length and many more. This can help you to understand what works and what can be improved in your meeting processes.

Choose a platform that offers the functionality you need to conduct your meetings. If you plan to bring participants from multiple locations, you should choose a solution that has international call-in capabilities. If you are looking to share content with your meetings, choose a solution with screen sharing and real-time editing. It should also support multiple types of content, such as images, websites and PDFs. Also, look for an option that offers in-app support that can help you resolve any problems during your meetings.

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